I often get into conversations with people, prospective clients, or friends, that eventually get to the “I couldn’t do a boudoir shoot”, and I’ll invariably ask why. I think it’d be poor form of me to not post my answers. I intend to do so in a monthly series. Here’s the first one.

My least favorite, is the response of “I’m too old for a boudoir shoot?” I do not believe that being the subject of a photographer, is a venue for the young. I believe that you’ll never be as young as you are today.

I know, it’s deeper than that. More complicated than that. But that’s the simple answer. I believe that your shape, including your wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, extra skin, all come with the stories of why they are there. Stretch marks can come from kids, growing too fast. Scars ALL have a story, and if you try to tell me that guys and gals both don’t dig scars, I’ll give you a list of people to combat that.

I don’t believe that wrinkles are a negative thing either. I think they show wisdom, grace, and that you’ve generally been a happy person.

Will we focus on minimizing these things in your shots. Yes. But I do not believe that they should stop you from having a shoot. Between makeup artists, and lighting, and posing, we can minimize those areas you stress out about people seeing, and focus on what it is that makes YOU beautiful, sexy, and confident.

I try very much to explain that the people that love you, know what your scars are from, they know you have stretch marks, wrinkles, and not a supermodel shape. They don’t care, and they want you to feel that way too.