FAQ: (In order of importance, seriously)

Should I do the shoot?

Yep! Do it.

Should I wait until I lose the 5, 10, 20lbs, or until surgery x or y is complete?

NO! I find the more I work with someone, the better the end results, so lets get started. When you hit that goal, lets reshoot it, or schedule again. I don’t believe that there’s a limit to the type of art we create.
What do you charge?

For 2023/2024 $750.  That’s it. Easy.  Too expensive? Reach out anyway, lets chat. I’ll take a non-refundable deposit of $100, with full payment at the time of the shoot.

Includes digitals selected and basic edits by me. Typical galleries are 15-50+ images, depending entirely on the project.

What does basic editing mean?

I’ll balance and correct color, crop for distractions and composition. If it’s detracing from the image? I’ll edit it out. The scratch your cat gave you? Probably gone. The bruise from kicking your shin on the bedframe last night? Out it comes. The red welting scratches from sliding down a hill in lingerie to get the crazy shot we wanted? Edited out. That’s about where basic stops. I CAN do retouching, I typically do not believe it’s necessary. Retouching is $75 an image. I’m probably NOT going to discount this, like, ever. I believe that we’re all beautiful and unique with our scars I believe you should look real. With retouching I’ll smooth out skin, remove blemishes, correct minor makeup imperfections. I will not remove scars, or things that will still be a part of you in 6 weeks. I also will not change your shape.

What’s a typical shoot like?

That’s the thing, nothing I do is cookie cutter. You’ll throw an idea at me, and I’ll say yes! We’ll collaborate\discuss costume, location, timing, and we’ll schedule it when it’s right and fits both our schedules. Day of shoot, you’ll show up, hair and makeup done (I have MULTIPLE hair and makeup artists available if you’d rather do it that way for $100 additional cost) you’ll get dressed and we’ll shoot. If the set is extensive, it might look more like, meet up, finish building the set, do hair and makeup, get dressed (or undressed) and we shoot. Shoot time is typically between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on too many factors to list. I often have a posing or set assistant with me. It’s typically my spouse Lori. She’s super good at seeing the little things that I don’t until editing. She’s also an advanced dance student and basic dance instructor, so can help me put you in more flattering poses. This isn’t an additional cost. If you’re worried about it, say so, and we’ll make sure she’s there. This isn’t my day job, so depending on workload, you typically have your edits within 2 weeks. Sometimes it’s longer, but I’ll typically let you know at the shoot what my backlog looks like.

I want to shoot in this exotic location, can we do that?

Yep! I’ve shot in deserts, forests, rivers, back yards, kitchens, and even studios. I’m always happy to travel to create this art. If somewhere is distant from Denver Metro, like over 3 hour drive, we’ll chat about balancing my costs to do so, but every project like that is different.

What’s a photo safari?

About once a year, I get together with other photographers, models, makeup artists, humans, and go somewhere, and we shoot. It’s goodly chaotic, but a whole lot of fun. Sky is really the limit, around 1-2 months in advance, we start a planning group, where members of my Facebook community weigh in on what they want to do, I/We pick the things that are exciting to us, and we start making firmer plans. Past things have been trips to Northern New Mexico, Moab, Glenwood Springs. Future trips could be speciic gimmicky air bnb’s, or camping in the mountains. Hard to tell. Photoshoots for these locations have been anything from cosplay, to naked in a river. This is typically a group function, and common expenses are split up per person, and/or things like food are on your own. I’ve not yet gotten to the point where I want to bill these things as an all inclusive package. However, there’s no fee for ME during these types of events, and there’s ZERO pressure, you want to try out what a photoshoot will do for you, these are the best ways to do it. You want to just show up help PA, and get a feel for it, this is the best time to do such a thing.

I like photography, can I shoot with you? Do you teach?

Sure! Come to a safari. You’ll have access to me for discussion of tech, camera settings, lighting, posing, whatever. But I’ll ALSO be shooting other models simultaneously. You want me to teach you a specific technicque? Sure. I’m happy to do so. Let me know what you want to learn, and we can setup a shoot, complete with model to teach that technique. You want me to build a program to teach you everything I know? I’ll do that, but that takes a LOT of time, we’ll need to discuss compensation at that point. I value my time at roughly $125/hour.